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Meet Darigold Cottage Cheese, the tasty protein-packed powerhouse snack.

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Darigold Cottage Cheese

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Darigold Cottage Cheese. Thousands of poems and songs have been written about it. Okay, maybe not yet, but it’s just a matter of time. Because this delicious snack is also packed with the protein and nutrients you need to take on the day in the tastiest way possible.

Bowl of Darigold Cottage Cheese

Mix it up, Eat it up.

Find your flavor.

Cottage cheese is known to play well with others. Whether topped or mixed, it pairs perfectly with both sweet and savory foods. And if you’re looking for a cooking substitute for dips, dressings, sauces & salads, Darigold Cottage Cheese can easily be made creamy by whipping with or without the dressing. Who knew your culinary dreams fit so nicely in the refrigerator?

13g of Protein

Protein for
your routine.

It'll pump you up.

Darigold Cottage Cheese gives other protein sources the smack-down. Cottage cheese is a complete protein packed with the amino acids you need to help build muscle. The protein found in cottage cheese is digested slowly so you get a steady supply of amino acids that rebuild, repair, and prevent muscle breakdown. And at a whopping 22% of your daily required protein per serving, cottage cheese keeps you feeling full longer. Hasta la vista, between-meal stomach rumbles.

Healthy Facts

Cottage cheese builds strong and happy bodies.

  1. Repair & Recovery

    Whey protein is absorbed by the body quickly for immediate muscle recovery, while casein protein is taken in more slowly with amino acids for muscle building & repair. Sore from your workout? Try a bowl before bed.

  2. Up With Calcium,
    Down With Lactose

    One cup of cottage cheese contains about 200 milligrams of calcium – about 20% of your daily value. Top it off with a glass of milk and you’re up to 40%! And with only 1/3 the lactose than regular milk, digestion is easy on the dairy-sensitive. Moo-raculous.

  3. Low in Fat

    So much deliciousness, so little fat and calories. One half-cup of low fat Darigold Cottage Cheese contains only 90 calories, 2.5g of fat and 5g of carbohydrates.

  4. Nutrient Dense

    One cup of cottage cheese makes a nutrient-rich meal, with vitamins A, C, thiamin (8%), riboflavin (20%), phosphorus (30%), potassium (10%) and calcium (20%). And, of course, plenty of protein (26g) for your routine.

  5. Health Benefits

    Cottage cheese aids in digestion, relieves muscle cramps and decreases levels of anxiety and stress, reduces risk of cardiovascular diseases, helps to strengthen bones, reduces risk of breast cancer, and boosts the immune system. No big deal or anything.

  6. Electrolytes

    Did you know 4oz of cottage cheese has the same amount of electrolytes as 8oz of the leading sport drink? Electrolytes not only help reduce muscle cramping, but also help with fluid absorption and retention. Score.

Darigold Cottage Cheese - Five Tasty Hacks

The cottage cheese you don't know.

Spread a little smoothness

Top it off

Want to pump up your A.M. protein? Drain the liquid dressing from your curds and puree with fruit, chocolate, or veggies according to your craving. Serve on toast with extra fruit and Nutella, or take a to-go cup! Either way, you win big on flavor.

Top it off

Pass on the powder

Swap it out

Out of protein powder for your post-workout smoothie? Save some money without skipping on the protein. Drain the liquid dressing from your cottage cheese and you’ve got 25g of fat-free protein in just ½ cup to add to your favorite smoothie.

Swap it out

Replace the ricotta

Keep it light

Although delicious, ricotta cheese is not light in calories or on your wallet. Cottage cheese happens to be both. Puree to your desired consistency and you have the perfect filler for your lasagna, raviolis, and cannoli. Mmm.

Keep it light

Hold the heavy cream

Lose the fat

Heavy cream may show up in many recipes, but it doesn’t fit in many diets. Cut down on fat and level up on delicious dairy taste by substituting Darigold Cottage Cheese. 2 cups of heavy cream can be substituted for 1 cup of cottage cheese dry curd + 1 cup of skim milk.

Lose the fat

Melt like a masterchef

Warm it up

Like all cheese, cottage cheese tastes delicious melted. Mix a little cottage cheese into your scrambled eggs or cheesy biscuits. As it cooks, the moisture separates from the curd, adding moist & fluffy deliciousness to any dish.

Warm it up


A curd above the rest

Darigold has almost 100 years of dairy experience, so we know a thing or two about making truly delicious cottage cheese. Ranked as the #1 branded cottage cheese in the Pacific Northwest, we’re confident our customers will taste the Darigold Difference.

  • Craftsmanship

    We’ve perfected the craft of cottage cheese with the ideal balance of cream, acidity and full-bodied curd. Hand-crafted and gently stirred, the fragile curd is key. We’re masters of the cultured fermentation process, which means a fresh, delicious product every time. Your baked potatoes will ask for it by name.

  • Superior Taste

    Darigold milk comes directly from our farms, which translates to noticeably farm-fresh cottage cheese for our customers. Combine that with almost 70 years of cottage cheese-making expertise, and you have the best tasting, highest quality cottage cheese to ever grace your kitchen table.

Farmer Owned Co-op - Guaranteed Quality

Farmer Owned

We’d be nothing without our farmers. Literally. Almost 500 family farms own Darigold and maintain full control of the milk supply that goes directly into local plant production and then your local store. With Darigold’s superior standards, our co-op ensures the top quality and enviable freshness of all our products.