• 1/2 gallon Darigold whole milk
  • 1 quart Darigold buttermilk


Bring milk to boil in 4-quart saucepan (to prevent formation of a skin on pan from milk, rinse pan with water before adding milk). Remove from heat and add buttermilk, stirring continuously. Milk solids will separate from liquid (whey). Once separated, pour milk mixture into colander lined with a fine muslin (do not use cheesecloth as it is too porous). Gather corners of cloth and twist together to squeeze out whey; place mixture tied in cloth on convex surface such as an inverted bowl so that remaining whey can drain away. Weight top with another bowl or pan and fill with heavy object like a can. Allow to continue to drain for about 30 minutes. Remaining mixture (Paneer) will have texture similar to farmer’s cheese and can be sliced or diced as needed.


Makes 3/4 pound.


Paneer in India, the equivalent of yogurt cheese elsewhere, is a delicious milky cheese. It can be molded into a cube under pressure with the same consistency as hard or firm tofu. Paneer is easy to make and to digest. Used in homes in every region in India, the versatility of paneer can be found in many applications both sweet and savory.