Darigold Hot Cocoa quart and cup
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Heat and Serve Hot Cocoa

A quick and easy treat for the whole family.
Just heat and serve!

Brrrr! This hot cocoa is cold for a reason: It’s the real deal. All it needs is a little warmth from your kitchen. Darigold Hot Cocoa is made with farm-fresh milk, cream, real cocoa and quality ingredients. Each rich, indulgent sip will warm your hands and fill your heart with holiday cheer — it’s the perfect treat served by the mug from the stovetop. So put on your mittens and get it while it’s cold, because this magical, merry-making cocoa will only be around for the season.

Hot Cocoa

Hot Cocoa

Heating Directions

Stove Top


  1. Pour into a pot over a crackling fire. Or simply use your stovetop
  2. Heat on low to medium heat until desired temperature. Slow and low is the way to go!
  3. One 8oz serving takes 2-3 minutes to heat.
  4. If you’re making a big batch, put a lid on it.
  5. Enjoy your rich, creamy Hot Cocoa!


  1. Heat your cocoa for 1 minute. Hum a holiday tune while waiting.
  2. Stir and test temperature.
  3. Heat for an additional 30 seconds or until cocoa is cozy, but not boiling
  4. Sip. Savor. Repeat.

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